Writers' Workshop and Get-Away
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Whether you're starting or finishing your book, this two-weekend retreat will get you where you want to be. With in-house editor and publisher, we're here to help you get to the next stage. 
  1. Gorgeous Sights
    Gorgeous Sights
    A beautiful town to explore in your downtime.
  2. Prices Range from $900 to $1100 for Two Weekends
    Prices Range from $900 to $1100 for Two Weekends
    Enjoy your stay in a beautiful Victorian townhouse. Breakfast and dinner included.
  3. Positive Writing Environment
    A productive and encouraging work space, with private and group workshops. Need that push to get your book started or completed? This workshop is for you.
  1. Coaching and Group Classes
  2. Breakfast and Dinner
    Breakfast and Dinner
  3. Cozy Room and Board
    Cozy Room and Board
  4. Positive Encouragement and Critiques